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Ethos, Aims and Vision

Our Ethos School Ethos | The Davenport School

Woodlands Primary School is an inclusive, caring community in which each individual is valued and encouraged to grow. Our learning community is built upon the shared belief that the development of each child must be at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to providing a safe and happy environment in which each individual is encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and be inspired to surpass expectations.  Our school motto is Quality & Achievement. This is brought to life through our curriculum, values and commitments, to each child, during their journey with us. The learning and teaching at Woodlands Primary School begin by building on the many skills you have taught your child at home. During your child’s journey with us, your contribution to their education will be valued as we aim to fulfil our seven commitments to your child.  At Woodlands, we teach children values which are aspirational attributes and attitudes. These can be nurtured to help people discover the very best of themselves, enabling them to be good citizens and prepare them for work life. At Woodlands, we are passionate about equipping pupils with the life skills that they may need in the future. We focus on developing social skills that help them co-operate and relate to others effectively, providing them with the self-esteem and confidence to explore and develop their full potential.

Our Vision 

  • At Woodlands Primary School, we believe in the concept of lifelong learning and the idea that adults and children learn new things every day. 
  • We maintain that learning should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience; it should be fun.
  • We have high expectations of all members of our school community and work together to provide a calm, caring, inspiring and enjoyable learning environment in which each child can develop their skills and abilities to their full potential.
  • Our curriculum is based upon six key values and stakeholders have all inputted into these.  Please refer to our Values page to find out more.


Our Aims 

  • Provide a tailored, broad and balanced curriculum that challenges and motivates all children, enriching their own life experiences.
  • Encourage all children to persevere when faced with challenges and feel confident when facing new situations.
  • Develop all children’s skills and desires to be independent, self-motivated learners; preparing them for the next stage in their education.
  • Develop children’s confidence and self-esteem by recognising personal strengths and qualities and celebrating/nurturing these.
  • Encourage all children to be polite, form positive relationships, celebrate diversity and show tolerance and respect for all members of the school and local community.
  • Encourage children to listen and communicate themselves clearly, showing consideration to others and respecting differences. 
  • Ensure that children are safe and know how to keep themselves safe.
  • Develop a positive role for our school within the wider community, understanding the importance of team work and shared responsibility.